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Our varying services are designed to target specific outcomes and align those with your distinctive goals. We are here as a means of support. As individuals we strive for success but define what success looks like in several ways. We customize every aspect of our planned approach so you get only what you need, with a few recommendation for good measure. In order for us to accomplish this, we need to know a little more about your expectations. To learn more check out our services and contact us with any questions.

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Take a deep breath, your ideas and the thoughts that follow are the first steps towards an exciting journey. Our customized guidance nurtures your seed to grow as we believe in an individualized approach that maximizes YOU. Whether you’re creating that new app which changes the way people think or forming a stylish line of clothing, Maven Disciple offers a unique series of tasks to help you capitalize on all the important angles.

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Allow your ideas to grow and ripen holistically. We want to provide you with an outlet of shared experiences and concepts to refine your purpose. Creatively speaking, your ideas are what prepare you for the future, at Maven Disciple we can objectively identify gaps in progress while exploring opportunities. Your ability to succeed is based on how much you’ve invested into you.

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It's a DIVERSE World, we just live in it!

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Want to achieve equity within your organizations supply chain and identify challenges that impact your bottom line? We are here to offer key insights to ensure your internal/external practices are geared to support your organization while expanding your segment. Maven Disciple creates competencies and builds teams from within! We provide your customized business case which aligns with you Executive Leadership to create policies and establish best practice. Our goal is simple, keeping an eye on performance while offering confidential and on demand support to enhance your yearly diversity report.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Deployment (DEID)

Advancing workplace diversity is more important today than ever before. Maven Disciple is here to help foster a culture that exemplifies teamwork, embraces innovation, and values diversity, equity, and inclusion to achieve mission excellence. But WAIT, there's more! We deploy a customized systemwide approach with a global perspective. We help leaders and front line members to embrace DEID to promote the vision of business and cultivate an inclusive environment. From collecting the data and identifying areas of pressure - to communicating initiatives and dispatching results, we have you covered. Find out more!

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Your ideas, your concepts, your vision, and management of everything in between requires several small and large scale victories. Putting them in order helps maintain efficiencies, reduces stress, and aligns yourself with action. Working collaboratively with Maven Disciple will also identify key personnel, pinpoint collective trends, and discover hidden objectives which may increase your overall outcome. We create a system that allows you to balance your time, focus, and energy.


Ensuring your idea/business has sustainable growth is beyond optional, it’s necessary and should be included as part of any evolution plan. We want to accent your awareness to critical strategies that several companies have put in place to warrant the potential for sustainable growth. After all, a recipe for success is meant to be altered as we all have different tastes. Let us show you what’s out there so you can make an informed choice or create your own.


Congrats! You’ve reached a few of your initial enhanced goals. Now you’re faced with an onslaught of requests, challenges, and expectations not to mention a new series of personal goals. How do you satisfy everyone? How do you accomplish these new goals? What alliances are worth looking into? How do you maintain your product? How do you keep growing? From Change Management to Evaluation to Prototyping, we’ve got you covered and will assist you in developing your unique standard.

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We feel it's important to exercise your right to volunteer. Various acts of kindness are ways for us and you to express our gratitude. Community support is a key component to success. We value your time as a method of exchange and we want you to share your community involvement on our blog. Not sure how this ties into your start up or how it will help you enhance your CEO range? Let us show you!!!!

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